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Forest Service Ecologist Maret Pajutee will help you time travel through the Glaze old growth area and explore wildflower and forest ecology amid towering old pines.Unconfirmed reports indicate he was to be suspended on July 9 for alleged insubordination.The newsletter has the latest information regarding events at the Senior Center, special programs and trips, lots of information on a variety of topics, and the monthly menus for the Hot Meals program for both the daily lunch at the Senior Center and the Meals on Wheels program.And electric brushes may be especially helpful for people with arthritis, Parkinson's disease or other problems that affect dexterity.For more information about supplemental screening,visit our supplemental screening page.Away from the TV, Ipods and other gadgets that distract the family, an Apollo spa is a great way to interact together and feel great doing it.
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